Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mirror, Mirror

Open any gay “dating” app - Grindr, A4A, Jack’d, OkCupid, Scruff, Gay Romeo - and you'll notice the follow:

1. Pictures of faceless torso taken in front of smudged mirrors

2.  Almost everyone describes himself as fit and masculine and is “’looking’ for ‘fun’ the ‘similar’ guys”.

3. Couples looking for a third

4. An aversion to “effeminate” men, men of color, and “older” guys (aka those over 30).

In The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde argues that men [and women] are most themselves when they have to wear a mask or play a part. The more I think about that line, the more I realize…that was a read. Having worked so hard for so long to secure spaces of our own, we now use that security to turn on each other.

Bang. Bai. To the fats, fems, Asians, blacks, Latinos, and old men. There is no room in the inn. Not tonight or ever. Give me your young, your masc, your white and delight-some straight-acting gym bunnies who smell of lemon pledge and bleach. 
Color me naive: I thought it was the meek who’ll inherit the earth.

This blog is for any person in the “community” who has felt as if he or she doesn’t belong, for whatever reason. It’s your journal, your bullhorn, the canopy bed your parents would never buy. And the screen you’re reading on is a mirror to the privileged among us.


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